CinemaJaw 477 – My Spy, Eurovision – Best Talent Contests in Film


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Reviewed: Eurovision the Story of Fire Saga, My Spy
Top 5: Talent Shows in Film
Trivia: Stump the Movie Guy
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This week on CinemaJaw, Matt K and Ry The Movie Guy pull out all the stops, tune up their instruments, shine up their tap shoes and get ready to compete in a talent contest! The big talent show at the end of a film is a classic trope. If you play fast and loose with what exactly a talent contest is, then you could make a case for even more movies having one in them. We dive in and come up with our Top 5 favorite Talent Shows in film.

In addition to that, we have two reviews this week! So dig in.

If listening to a good podcast was the main event at a talent show, you’d be a winner!

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