Archival Program - The Music of Bernard Herrmann: Part 2


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Original Broadcast: April 9, 2012

Original Show Notes - GUEST HOST: AMER ZAHID

Cinematic Sound's celebration of Bernard Herrmann's 100th anniversary continues with part two of Amer Zahid's FIRE & PASSION: A TRIBUTE TO BERNARD HERRMANN. In this second and final installment, Amer presents music from arguably the greatest debut film score of all time to Orson's Welles' 1941 classic CITIZEN KANE. He also explores Herrmann's fruitful collaboration with legendary director Alfred Hitchcock with selections from PSYCHO, THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY, MARNIE and TORN CURTAIN. Amer provides an in-depth commentary on Herrmann's collaboration with mentor and friend Alfred Newman on THE EGYPTIAN and you'll also hear selections from the 1955 western THE KENTUCKIAN as well as music from the post-Hitchcock scores to Francois Truffaut's FAHRENHEIT 451 and Brain DePalma's OBSESSION. If you missed part one of the series you can listen to it HERE!

• BENEATH THE 12-MILE REEF (0:00) • CITIZEN KANE (6:23) • PSYCHO (10:14) • THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY (15:58) • MARNIE (19:12) • TORN CURTAIN (24:25) • THE EGYPTIAN (34:38) • THE KENTUCKIAN (46:33) • FAHRENHEIT 451 (52:46) • OBSESSION (1:04:46) • CLOSING/TAXI DRIVER (1:07:27)



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