Interview with Brian Ralston - Part 2


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Welcome to our continuing series of film, TV and video game composer interviews on Cinematic Sound Radio. Today's guest is Brian Ralston. The first part of our conversation can be found below. On that episode, Ralston talked about, amongst other subjects, how he started scoring films, the chance meetings that gave him his first projects and his collaborations with fellow composer, Kays Al-Atrakchi.

On part two, Ralston talks about the meticulous way he selects musicians for his scores, his SCorecast Podcast for film composers, working as an instructor in the UCLA Film Scoring Program, and his hopes in progressing in the film music industry.

During the show, you will also be hearing plenty of Brian’s wonderful music which makes him one of the most talked-about composers in Hollywood today.

For more information about Brian Ralston please visit his web site by clicking HERE!

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