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Davey Williams

I’m a Golf Pro, specializing in Golf Psychology. I got into that biz after a decade in professional/personal development and speaking. I have a copyright process called the CSure, which is both for lifestyle and golf.

I spent over 15 years in leadership roles, but the mistakes in my personal life cost my wife and I everything many years ago. Through my CSure concept, I was able to rectify my mistakes and now show others how to get out of their own way!!!

I also am the MD of Empowered Fathers in Action, a 501c3 that's dedicated to empowering young men, and women, to create healthy and sustainable habits!!!

What “Knowledge” or “golden nuggets of wisdom” do you want to share with our audience?: How to adopt a mentality, adapt a methodology and attract results vs chasing them!!! It's all about embracing a process!!!

What is one challenge you would like to extend to our audience to apply in their lives?: How to be a q-tip vs cotton swab (can explain in further detail)

How can our listeners find out more about you/your business/your book/etc.? (i.e. website, social media group, landing page, etc.) : and

How can our listeners contact you personally? (i.e., cell phone, email, social media handle, etc.):

All social media links are on the site and can share during the interview!!!

Do you have a gift you would like to share with our audience? (i.e., content, resources, free stuff, discounted stuff, invitations, etc.): I can offer a few different ideas, as well as maybe tossing something from Brian Wright (one of my best friends) in as well!!!

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