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Neal C Hooper:

Tell us about you, your story, your background, and/or your business?:

From sweeping out storage units at age 13 to help support the family in a single-parent home (a parent with crippling depression) to graduating with a double masters degree and working at a Fortune 100 company, I've learned first hand that a compelling WHY and an articulated HOW are crucial to long term growth and success.

I've developed a "Perceive to Achieve" (P2A) system that helps individuals and organizations boost their perceived value and perceived capability in achieving personal and organizational goals. It's backed by research and has been vetted by PHDs and proven in the lives of many people.

Here's my website (work in progress)

What is one challenge you would like to extend to our audience to apply in their lives?:

Get brave for about 1 hour and articulate the WHAT and WHY for each area of your life.

1. Overall wellbeing (spiritual, financial, physical, etc.)

2. Relationships (friends, family, significant other)

3. Legacy (professional, personal, humanitarian)

How can our listeners find out more about you/your business/your book/etc.? (i.e. website, social media group, landing page, etc.) :

How can our listeners contact you personally? (i.e., cell phone, email, social media handle, etc.):

Do you have a gift you would like to share with our audience? (i.e., content, resources, free stuff, discounted stuff, invitations, etc.):

SMARTER Goal Template go to to get it

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