XHM #310 - "The lost souls alliance beckons" (2016 May 02)

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If anyone died this week, perhaps they sought guidance to the 9th Underworld, which is where this week's soundtrack profile bases itself as we look at the remastered score to the video game Grim Fandango, which itself was rereleased recently. 1. Wolf Parade: Little Golden Age (Expo 86, 2010) Sub Pop 2. Strangling Fruit: Raft Without Paddle (Strangling Fruit EP, 2015) self-released 3. Preoccupations: March of Progress (Viet Cong, 2015) Sub Pop 4. She-Devils: Where There's No One (She-Devils EP, 2015) self-released 5. Four Tet: And Then Patterns (Everything Ecstatic, 2005) Domino 6. Bed Rugs: Drift (Cycle, 2015) Waste My Records 7. Said the Whale: I Love You (Hawaiii, 2013) Hidden Pony 8. Social Disco Club & Maia: The Way You Move [Greg Wilson version] (2009) Bear Funk 9. The Ballantynes: Us (Dark Drives Life Signs, 2015) La-Ti-Da 10. The Death of Pop: Locomotive (2016) self-released 11. Kemialliset Ystävät: Roiske Ruudukolla (Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa, 2014) Dekorder 12. Bend Sinister: Fancy Pants (Animals, 2014) File Under: Music 13. Tom Waits: Gun Street Girl (Rain Dogs, 1985) Island 14. Floating Points: Argonaut (Vacuum Boogie EP, 2009) Elgo 15. Case, Lang & Veirs: Honey and Smoke (Case/Lang/Veirs, 2016) ANTI- 16. Fish & Bird: Cold Salty (Something in the Ether, 2014) Fiddlehead 17. Jimi Tenor: Tropical Eel (Order of Nothingness single, 2016) Kudos/Philophon 18. BB Guns: I Killed My Baby in Mexico (Bang EP, 2014) Optical Sounds 19. Beck: Que Onda Guero (Guero, 2005) Interscope 20. Vince Guaraldi & Bola Sete: El Matador (Live at El Matador, 1966) Fantasy 21. Beirut: Gibraltar (No No No, 2015) 4AD 22. Holy Komodo: Animals and Buildings (Magnetik Gak EP, 2010) self-released 23. Too Many Zooz: Turtledactyl (Fanimals EP, 2014) self-released 24. Los Yetis: Mi Primer Juguete (Nadaísmo a Go-Go, 1966) Discos Fuentes 25. Ariel Camacho y Los Plebes del Rancho: Te Metiste (El Karma, 2014) DEL 26. Mark Mothersbaugh: Rocky (Bottle Rocket OST, 1997) London 27. Mariachi el Bronx: I Would Die 4 U (Purplish Rain, 2009) Spin 28. Peter McConnell: High Roller/Manny's Office (Grim Fandango OST [remastered], 2015) Sumthing Else Music Works 29. Peter McConnell: Grim Fandango (Grim Fandango OST [remastered], 2015) Sumthing Else Music Works 30. Peter McConnell: Casino Calavera (Grim Fandango OST [remastered], 2015) Sumthing Else Music Works 31. Peter McConnell: Domino's Office (Grim Fandango OST [remastered], 2015) Sumthing Else Music Works 32. Peter McConnell: 9th Heaven (Grim Fandango OST [remastered], 2015) Sumthing Else Music Works 33. Peter McConnell: Companeros (Grim Fandango OST [remastered], 2015) Sumthing Else Music Works 34. St Germain: Latin Note (Tourist, 2000) Blue Note 35. Dizzy Gillespie: Manteca (The Complete RCA Victor Recordings, 1947) Bluebird "We may have years, we may have hours, but sooner or later, we push up flowers." --Membrillo the Coroner, Grim Fandango. radiofreegak@gmail.com twitter.com/hundredaire www.mixcloud.com/xhm

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