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CKMS 102.7 FM- Democracy in Perspective is a weekly show which airs on Fridays 1-2pm on CKMS 102.7FM. The weekly show is hosted by Leonard Ro who has been programming since 1995 initially on CKWR 98.7, now CKWR 98.5FM, then on CSCR 90.5FM, now Fusion Radio in Scarborough, Ontario. The show captivates audiences by providing in-depth interviews and insight towards political issues that matter the most to Canadians with Pulitzer Prize winning guests and including notable politicians (Ex-U.S. Presidents, Ex-Prime Minister of Canada). Leonard Ro is an advocate and Federal Legislated Lobbyist for Federal Corp. #12118424 Canada Inc. He has advocated for social justice issues and has volunteered his time towards worth charities including Step Forward Charities and the Habitat for Humanity. CKMS 102.7FM- Democracy in Perspective- Hosted by Leonard Ro © 2021- 2022 All Rights Reserved. You are free to listen and download this radio show, however reposting, modifying or manipulating its content is strictly prohibited

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