Abigail Makepeace - Therapist, TedX Speaker, Writer, Creator of Transformation After Trauma Course


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Abigail Makepeace is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the founder of Makepeace Therapy. She is a writer, speaker, and a thought leader on trauma’s impact on relationships. Her TEDx presentation on Parental PTSD brought attention to the role that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder plays in parenting for survivors of childhood abuse. We get into all of this, but first talk about her early entry into acting. Her family moving to LA to pursue her and her brothers acting careers at ages 14 and 16 and how working to get better and better to book the jobs she wanted ended up leading to the current work she is so passionate about. Abigail has been featured as a trauma therapist on the Huff Post. Her online course, Transformation After Trauma, was created to help adults battling the long term effects of childhood trauma. Abigail teaches workshops internationally, works actively in the field of trauma relief, and has a private practice in Los Angeles, CA. You can find full show notes and links at https://yourjoyologist.com/podcast-abigail-makepeace/ and find Abigail @makepeacetherapy https://www.makepeacetherapy.com/ You can find out more about me and my offerings at www.yourjoyologist.com and @yourjoyologist Abigail's online course is athttps://makepeace-therapy.mykajabi.com/ And watch her Tedx:https://youtu.be/IYYyFwqx7lM Go get + gift my daily inspiration app OWN YOUR AWESOME and check out my product line at https://shop.yourjoyologist.com

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