How to Move Toward a Better Life After Trauma


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For people who have experienced trauma, it can be very difficult to move forward from it. Alison Donaghey faced this firsthand when she was sexually assaulted as a teenager. But over time, she found a way to overcome what happened to her. In our new podcast, Alison shares her method for a better life after trauma.

Listen to our podcast interview with Alison Donaghey about finding happiness even after trauma below:

Alison Donaghey was a teenager when she was raped. Although it was a traumatic experience for her, she's been candid about it in the years since, leading her to gain control over her life.

In our interview, Alison talks about the #MeToo movement, and brings up an alternative to it, called #MyPart. She shares how important it is to empowering people. Indeed, Alison has used these skill sets to live a better life after trauma. It's not always easy to turn negatives into such positives, but Alison shares the process she uncovered to achieve it. She also describes how this skill, or a goal of positivity, has continued to impact her life for the better.

Alison offers advice for others who’ve experienced some kind of trauma. So many of us have gone through terrible things, from sexual assault to family issues to natural disasters, but it is possible to follow a path towards control and empowerment. You can have a happy life after trauma.

Alison started an organization called Domino Thinking. She ends our interview with a discussion about it and how she connects with and helps others.

To learn more about Alison Donaghey and Domino Thinking, check out her website here. You can also watch a video of her #MyPart story here.

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