#200: 3 Things to Do to Let Go of the Drama and the Story During Dating with Anna Rova


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About This Episode:

Every time a woman shares with me her dating & relationship experience she leads with a story.

A story about how it all started, progressed, and ended.

There is a lot of detail in terms of what he and she said, what she concluded from it, how everyone else acted.

But the fact and the reality is that the story doesn’t actually matter.

We have been conditioned to think that it does (the masculine “I think, therefore, I am) but it doesn’t provide us with any efficient solutions.

Understanding something doesn’t actually provide you with the solution on how to move forward in an effective way.

Besides we will never understand what actually happened unless we have all the parties involved present, which is most of the time impossible.

So what we’re dealing with is a one-sided story.

And that’s what it is: just a story that we tell ourselves.

In this episode, Anna talks about the 3 things that women did in their work together to let go and starting to attract different men:

Radical Responsibility and why it is important Feminine Embodiment The Rule of Thirds and how it works Why it’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to see/date 3 men at a time in your dating funnel What does evolutionary psychology have to do with dating? How parental investment influences the way men and women date “Shopping for shoes” metaphor and how to apply it to your dating with men Why sex creates attachment Why giving him a chance to compete and pursue you is important

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