S2E97: The Verdict Analysis with Tom Percy


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Bradley Robert Edwards killed Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon.

Over the last two days, we’ve heard from the families of those two young, vibrant women taken too soon, their grief unimaginable as their daughters’ killer has been unmasked.

But for the family of another young and vibrant daughter, sister and friend, yesterday’s verdict came with more heartbreak.

The family of Sarah Spiers don’t have closure. They don’t have her body. They’ve never been able to say goodbye.

Today, the podcast team are joined by leading barrister Tom Percy QC, who tells us that Justice Hall could have found Bradley Edwards guilty of Sarah Spiers’ murder.

A bitter pill to swallow for the West Australian public.

The father of Ciara Glennon spoke publicly about the outcome today. He expressed his sorrow for the family of Sarah Spiers, whose body has never been found.

Dennis Glennon said he always knew Ciara would fight for her life, but little did he know that her prolific final fight would lead to the massive DNA breakthrough that would eventually catch her killer.

Despite the police and PathWest errors, Dennis Glennon said he and his family have no criticisms of detectives or scientists.

In this episode, Tom Percy said we must never forget the errors of police, and what has previously been called ‘tunnel vision’ by MACRO detectives in following Lance Williams for years.

Join the Claremont in Conversation team as they analyse the verdict, and have a lively discussion about the possibility of appeals, double jeopardy and Tom Percy’s opinion on why Edwards seemed to show little emotion throughout his trial.

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