Are you a shock-absorber in relationships? The signs, how it messes up your mental health, and solutions


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SHOW DESCRIPTION: So, what exactly is “shock-absorbing”? It is kind of like feeling you need to smooth things over all the time or keep the peace/avoid conflict in your relationships. It includes feeling responsible for maintaining harmony in your relationships, trying to justify another person’s negative behavior to blunt their impact, taking on more and more responsibility in a relationship, feeling resentful or over-burdened because you are always trying to keep the peace, or putting up with bad behavior to avoid conflict.

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3:38 What is a relationship shock absorber?

5:15 The difference between a shock absorber & a peacemaker

6:30 Signs you may be a toxic shock absorber

11:25 The power of learning how to step back or away from a situation

12:18, 20:05 How shock absorbing can affect your mental & physical health

22:30 Toxic people can emit toxic energy

28:50 How to use mind-management to heal shock absorbing habits and improve your relationships

42:45 How to tell if someone is manipulating you

46:40 Why letting people face the consequences of their behavior can be a good thing

51:15 How gratitude can improve your own health and your relationships

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