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Nicola is still acting on the opportunities from Las Vegas but on episode 101 she’s reflecting on how far she’s come from the very first Vzine. You just can’t predict how things are going to go but you have to just trust that things will work out.

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Clicks And Leads is a “tongue in cheek” digital marketing Vzine by entrepreneur, author, podcaster, speaker, Nicola Cairncross.

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Well welcome back everybody, it’s Nicola here and I just wanted to say thank you very much for putting up with all my ramblings about the Mastermind in Vegas. In this episode I’m going to share with you a clip from a karaoke I did.

Now I’d just like to preface that by saying that I really can’t sing at all but I think I can. I’ve got a sister who’s an opera singer and she sings jazz and my kids can both sing and my ex-husband can sing so I can’t quite get it through my head that I can’t sing. But I had a lot of fun.

I did “Midnight Train to Georgia” with my new friend, Dr. Alvin Hill, I’ll just have to check that. I’ll let you know in the description which one’s the right one and we just had so much fun. He says he can’t sing either but he sang a whole lot better than me but the point was I was so full of adrenaline and excitement and gratitude and I never did karaoke.

I’ve never done karaoke in my life apart from once before but I just felt so overflowing with fun that I just couldn’t stop myself. It was painful but fun. And my kids are just like wringing their hands together with despair really.

Anyway, the point was I enjoyed it, and that’s all that counts. So I’ve shared that with you and some other clips as well. So yeah let’s get on with the show shall we?

Yes well here we go. So moving forward from the Mastermind, what do I do moving forward? I’ve got so many new things on the go. I’ve got the redesign of my website, coming up and I’ve basically received some of the designs from the graphic design company in Australia who I won the prize from and they are pretty good.

I wasn’t sure at first because it’s new and it’s different and you take time to get used to things but when I showed them to people alongside the old website which I actually quick like they were all oh my god, it’s a million times better, you’ve got to go with it. So I’ve got over myself and I’ve having, we’re finalising the designs on the main pages now and then I’ve got to find someone to build this site for me and turn it into thrive architect because I want to be able to have control over the content of course.

So that’s happening, what else is happening? I’ve come to the end now of the editing of The Money Gym audio, so I’m just about to investigate how to get that on to Audible and then what Audible for you is you get unlimited promotional vouchers for it so people can go and download it I think as their first free Audible recording so you have a promotion on Amazon and you reduce the cost of your Kindle Book down to 99p and on the same week you can actually promote people who give you a review and give them a free copy of Audible, the Audible versions.

So that’s what I’m a try to do cause reviews are key on Amazon and I’ve never really done this with my books, I’ve never sought reviews, I’ve never actively promoted the book to get reviews, and I’ve only just found out really how important that is, so yeah if you can get 100 reviews then apparently you’re off to a flying start. So it would be a good time to relaunch it.

So I’ve come up with a scheme to be able to promote the whole thing on Facebook without annoying the Facebook algorithm and that is I’m going to write the missing chapter so I’m going to write an update to The Money Gym, although it is pretty up-to-date.

I just think I’ve missed out a few things about a really exciting asset class that I’ve been investing in and doing very well with and it suits people who can’t invest in property or the stock market and it’s a good way of moving money from your profitable business into an asset class that works for you whether your awake or asleep.

So I’m going to write the missing chapter. Then I’m going to promote that on Facebook and I’m going to get everyone who opts in for that to go and either get a copy of The Money Gym Kindle version for 99p and then I can send them a copy of the audible version for free when they show me a screenshot that they’ve written a review and that’s my launch plan, re-launch plan for The Money Gym.

So if you’ve written a book that you think is really solid content and you’d like to re-launch it then do come and talk to me because I learnt a lot about relaunching books and launching books in fact at the Mastermind in Vegas. One of the speakers was a real expert in this and I can tell you all about him.

And finally, my other project I’d like to get off the ground is I’d like to start my personal development project Swagger and Soul.

I’ve really come to the point where I’ve just realised that every single bit of success comes from your mindset and if you can keep control of that as taught in my friend Andy’s Bug Free Mind books and then if you can really keep a grip of that and then design your life to suit you and keep a, this is the trick right, keep an energetic vibe going all the time, when you catch yourself having negative thoughts you have to catch yourself and turn them around immediately into a grateful thought and if I could share one skill from being alive for 57 years on this planet, that would be it.

It’s not only the secret of happiness, the secret to peace, it’s also the real big secret to success. Because how can you not attract success when you’re vibing at such a high positive level. It attracts people, it attracts opportunities, I just would tell you to cultivate that one skill if I could.

Okay that’s me done and I’m feeling a bit emotional at the moment as you’ll see in the next section because I do actually record the next section first and I’m feeling a little bit wobbly right now so being vulnerable though it’s all part of the story it’s all part of what makes you.

So what’s on the blog and the podcast this week?

In Episode 227 of Own It the podcast, so or as always you can find everything on my blog at You can find me talking in great depth with Judith about the Mastermind. I go into a lot more coherent detail about what happened, who spoke, what I got out of their talks and how much I really enjoyed it and what I learned from that.

So go and check out the podcast if you want to hear more details and on the VZINE, that’s episode 100, that’s last week, I’m talking about inspiration, being inspired and also feeling a little bit overwhelmed. What do you do when you’ve got so much opportunity, so many good things coming at you, so many people who want to connect, you know what do you do?

So I go into that in last weeks VZINE which was episode 100. Can you believe I’ve done a hundred episodes, that’s like two years of VZINEs nearly and I started it when I was in the depths of despair and it was freezing cold and it was the worst winter for fifteen years in Greece and I had just lost Steve and I had just had to…

I was just being inspired by Casey Niestat really and just trying to pull myself out of the slough of despond and when I think how far I’ve come from that balcony two years ago, oh I feel quite emotional to the person who sang karaoke in front of a hundred and ten people, I just can’t believe it’s the same person really.

I’ll stop there cause I don’t want to inflict my tears on you I’m just going to go away and be grateful in the corner for a minute.

See you next week.

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