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When I booked a super early-bird ticket to SuperFastBusiness Live last year, little did I realise that not only would I manifest not just one, but two speaking gigs to cover my costs and more, but also the use of a luxury flat overlooking Sydney Harbour! But by working on myself hard, especially over Christmas and New Year, so it came to pass.... Clicks And Leads is a "tongue in cheek" digital marketing Vzine by entrepreneur, author, podcaster, speaker, Nicola Cairncross. On the blog Building An Amazon Business? Limiting Beliefs Negative Beliefs Don't Be Afraid To Give Away The Farm Difficult Conversations Feeling Overwhelmed? You Never Know Who's Watching Who Do You Take Advice From? Cath Couzens: Small is Beautiful Prefer to read? Hi, it's Nicola here, and I am in Sydney, Australia, I've just arrived from England, and a very long flight it was too, but made more bearable by the fact I treated myself to some noise cancelling headphones, which cut out not only the sound of the babies screaming on the plane, but the sound of the engine, it made a huge difference, so I recommend those to you. So here I am in my brother's flat in Potts Point, and I've got the most amazing view, let me just show you out of the window, it's incredible. I'm off up to the Gold Coast tomorrow, to go and speak for Neil Asher, who's a very old friend of mine from England, and he's got an Australian wife, and he's got an Australian business, he's got lots of properties and businesses all around the world, but one of his main ones is the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, and he teaches people how to make money on Amazon, so he's really, really good at it. So if you're looking to find out how to do that properly then go to NicolaCairncross.com/Asher and you will find a link to his website. But I'm going to be speaking to a room full of 200 Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, I did really well the last time I came, loads of people joined up for my Be Everywhere Online programme and I'm looking to beat my previous record, it was 25% of the room last time. This time it's double the room size, and I'm looking to do more than 25%, I want to welcome more than a quarter of those people in that room into my Be Everywhere Online programme. So let's see how I get on shall we? I want to tell you a bit about how I got here in the middle section. Okay well, in this section I want to tell you a little bit how I got to Sydney in the first place, it was a really, very spooky story, very funny story. Last year some time my mentor, James Schramko, has an event and he put the event tickets for sale, and they're very, very cheap if you buy immediately, so I did that, not knowing whether I'd want to come or not. Not knowing if I'd be ready to get out of Greece, and whether, you know, I was feeling in the mood to travel or anything yet. But I trusted that I would be by this time, because it's now three years since Steve died and I'm not, I miss him every day, but I'm feeling better on a day to day basis. So I bought my ticket anyway and within two days of buying my ticket my friend Neil contacted me and he said, "Do you want to come and speak for my Aussie Online Entrepreneurs again?" He said, "I'd love to have you, "I'm going to be going over there, and you can "stay in my Airbnb and all that business, "I'll make it as easy for you as I can." And so I looked at the dates and James' event is the 3rd and 4th of April, and Neil's event was the 16th and 17th of March. Well that is just phenomenally close, I couldn't believe how close they were, two or three weeks in between them. So I then thought, well okay, I can only do this if I don't have to stay in a hotel, because that would just be ridiculous, and I thought about an Airbnb, and then my brother popped up into my mind and I thought, well he came and stayed with me for five weeks back in Greece last year, so I'm sure he could put up with me for two or three weeks in betwe...

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