S1 Ep220: Is reach a valid reporting metric?


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With ads, it’s how many people saw your ad in their feed.
Reach is different from Impressions, though — yet many of us seem to treat them like they’re the same.
For example, a Facebook ad may have achieved 12,009 impressions but only reached 7,226. Does this then mean that 7,226 people saw the ad?
Not necessarily.
Think about how you use social media feeds.
You could be on Facebook scrolling through posts from friends, family, ads and businesses. How many of them do you notice? And how does Facebook measure that?
Algorithms can, hypothetically, notice a slowdown of the scrolling that indicates that a specific post is being looked at. But is this necessarily what is being reported?
We don’t know. And we’re not likely to know.
What we do know is that Reach metrics on all social platforms (not just Facebook) is a black box of measurements that we have no visibility of.
We see a number and have to trust that it’s true.

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