Freelance workers unite! The IWW Freelance Journalists' Union and the future of organization


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Freelancers everywhere experience the same problems. Deadbeat clients who won't pay their wages. Economic precarity. The knowledge that if you get sick, you might not be able to work enough to pay your bills. There are a lot of opportunities in freelancing, but there are also a lot of fears and dangers.

Much of that danger comes from working alone - but what if you weren't alone? What if freelancers - hear me out - formed a union?

The Industrial Workers of The World (IWW) is a union that formed in 1905 and has a storied history of fighting for workers rights and they recently formed a branch for freelance journalists that could be the first step in adapting the classical union model to the gig economy. In this episode Kyle talks with a member of the union about their goals and strategies, and why you might consider joining in solidarity. After all, if we all experience the same problems, why don't we try to solve them together?

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