Samson: It's About Christ! The last lecture in the Romans Series. What's next?


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Title: Samson: It's About Christ! The last lecture in the Romans Series. What's next?
Subtitle: The Just Shall Live By Faith
Speaker: Stephen A. Chronister
Broadcaster: Cliffside Community Chapel
Event: Sunday Service
Date: 11/5/2017
Bible: Romans 1:17; Judges 14:6
Length: 59 min.
Overview: YES--- As the lecture starts, pastor Chronister exclaims that this is in fact Lecture Discussion Number 300 on The Book of Romans- It-s the last lecture in the series and that-s always the best one.----In Romans you have-----1. Adam - Romans - Death Trilogy--2. Salvation - Grace Alone--3. Israel Will Be Restored -Saved-----Genesis 3 tells us we have free will and why we have free will.----This series I named -The Just Shall Live By Faith-, and pastor reviews that. The -Live- has to do with Belief.----The last part of this series has been about Samson, but where do you connect Romans 1-17 to Samson- It may take some Chronister magic, but we-ll get there. Here's the list-----A. Judges 13-15, 14-6, 15-1-- 3 young goats--B. 3 Women 14-2, 16-1, 16-4--C. 3 Moving Holy Spirit 13-24, 14-6, 14-19--D. New Ropes 15-3, 16-11--E. 7 Green Vines 16-7--7 Locks of Hair 16-13--F. Samson Mocks Delilah--G. Slavery of Samson--H Torment of Samson--I. Binding of Samson--J. Samson Soul - Vexed unto Death 16-16--K Thirst unto Death 15-18--L. Telling All His Heart 16-17--M. Samson's Permission--N. Return of Samson--O. 5 payments of Silver--P. Cleft of The Rock -Moses---Q. 16-25 -Merry---R. Lad--S. 3 Lies of Samson----By now... we know that he can't do the entire list, because he never does the entire list. So which one is pastor going to get to today- He picks A- 3 Young Goats, and he might get to a couple more. Sorry. Not Really. Fake Sorry. So sit back and enjoy the last -for now- lecture on Samson.

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