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Sarah Maurer, CPT, MEd, from the Miss Adventure Pants blog, shares her best strategies for mountaineering training, sports nutrition, and motivation to help you climb your mountain in any body at any age. Discover how you can use classic endurance training and simple strength workouts to get in shape for mountain climbing, even if you live at sea level or the flattest place imaginable. Sarah earned her high altitude mountaineering certificate from Colorado Mountain Club in 2017 at age 41 and has since summited peaks in Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, and the USA, including Mount Rainier. She's living, breathing proof that you don't need to be 22 and have 6% body fat to be an endurance athlete. On this podcast, she shares her no-nonsense advice on fitness, (un)diet, motivation, and self belief to help you train for your goal. It's a mix of interviews and solo jam sessions you won't want to miss. So subscribe and get ready to blow your own mind.

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