Behind the Sales and Design: Perform Better with Erin McGirr


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Erin McGirr is one of the expert advisors from Perform Better. Perform Better is a top international source for fitness equipment products for facilities. They also work with facility design layout and actual facility installation. In this podcast, Erin McGirr will share her knowledge regarding facility design and sales. Listen as she shares very insightful tips on how you can kick start the design of your very own facility.
“It’s about the education. It’s not about the product.”

– McGirr shares some tips on designing and redesigning a facility.

– They will also talk about the changes and processes in design and sales service.

– McGirr emphasizes the value of educating facilitators, coaches, and trainers.

– They will also discuss some cases and experiences from past clients.


– Facility design has evolved from traditional to modern. Perform Better can now provide 3D layout of your dream facility. It is like a visual walkthrough of what the actual facility looks like.

– Facilitators, coaches, and trainers should be reminded of a lot of considerations in redesigning their facility for a whole new look.

– Instead of promoting a product, people should invest on getting educated about concepts related to the field.

– A fitness service provider should be more education not a sales pitch.

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