53. Automaticity & the subconsious; mentioning Martin Seligman, Daniel Kahneman, Carl Jung


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Automaticity: The ability to perform a task by automatic processing, independent of conscious control and attention. Strong automaticity is almost entirely automatic and can be carried out without attention. “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” - Carl Jung One lens: - Unconscious incompetence - Conscious incompetence - Conscious competence - Unconscious competence Another lens: - Biology - story of delta and spiders. With vertigo and horney, finding mothers brest. - Family history - story of the mice and raspberries - Sociocultural programming - Programming you do to yourself. And another: - Unconscious desires - Unconscious beliefs - Unconscious memories - Unconscious fears Contact us at info@cloudstreaks.com

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