54. Management styles: Michael Jordan vs Ted Lasso. Mentioning John Mcgrath, John Wooden


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“There is no "I" in team but there is in win.” Jordan "A champion team will beat a team of champions." John Mcgrath Outcome = 1. Value of input + 2. How easy you are to work with + 3. Energising / draining for yourself and others. Jordan = Win at all costs. It’s not about life or death. Jordan = Win. Lasso = Belief. The best = 1. The most hours spent upgrading + 2. Will always get up after being knocked down = Often makes someone intense AF. Nice guys finish last… but they are nice because they are last. If they weren't nice no one would speak to them. We tend to equate niceness with weakness. "Kindness is my religion. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others." Dalai Lama To get things done with others you have three tools? Carrot, stick and inspiration. If you are the best then you can inspire. And often the more you can inspire the more you are able to use a stick. Jordan was lots inspiration and stick. Lasso is mainly carrot. Can you be the best of both Jordan and Lasso? I hope so! 'Play nice, but win'.... Ted + Jordan!

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