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Coach Glass Podcast Best Of Series features some of my favorite interviews of all time. I am re-releasing them because they get removed from the podcast archives and they are too important to be lost. First episode is one of my all time favorites! My friend, colleague and mentor, Dr. Mike Voight!

Dr. Mike Voight shares his insight on the new era of performance training. Medical and fitness professionals are learning from each other and creating this hybrid meshing of their 2 worlds. We discuss the concept of High Threshold training techniques and when it is appropriate to use them. It was great to finally get Mike in for a unique and in-depth heart to heart. Dr. Voight is a World leader and innovator when it comes to using therapeutic techniques to enhance performance. He is a co-creator of the SFMA and presents his techniques around the World at SFMA and TPI workshops. Mike and I also discuss the road to greatness and what you need to do once you reach the top! Mike is truly one of my mentors and I hope this podcast gives you a glimpse into why I hold this man in such high regard. #DreamBig #OverDeliver and Cheers Everybody! #CoachGlass Visit our sponsors @mytpi @performbetter If you want more info about Mike and his philosophies and techniques visit the following: NASMI- North American Sports Medicine Inst. Advances in Clinical Co Author of Musculoskeletal Interventions Twitter @voightm

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