CGP Ep287 We Have Lost the Meaning of Fitness! 


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We need a major redefinition of what it means to be fit! Its not all Instagrams fault either. Fitness professionals are to blame as much as modern media. We are creating an image which is unreachable and unrealistic for most people (the people we are trying to inspire to be fit). I know you are rolling your eyes and thinking “Thats what fat people say!” Fitness should not be about a look. It's about an ability to function and flourish in life, perform work and enjoy recreational leisure pursuits without undue stress and fatigue. It is not about being able to do handstand push ups and deadlift 3X your body weight. Those are fitness goals but do not define fitness! We need a baseline measurement of what is a healthy and functional fitness level. What you do from there is a bonus. Unfortunately we are cresting a world where people who are below the fitness line are reluctant to start because the finish line is too far away. I am not saying we need to revert to the lowest common denominator but the base line needs to be reset. That I know! My thoughts? Listen to this week’s episode. It's not hard, just listen. It may just change the way you see yourself, your friends and the community of people you are apparently trying to inspire.

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