CGP Ep302 Training for the Competitve Golfer


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**Warning** If you are not a competitive athlete or a coach who works with determined, hardworking athletes…you need to turn this podcast off! I am not wasting my breathe on casual listeners. This ones for the Glisteners! What are the key elements that separate you from the rest of the pack? When you step on the first tee are you confident that you have done everything in your power to prepare for this moment? Are you confident that you have worked not only harder but smarter than your competitors? Did you do the same old strength program everyone else does or did you commit to a program specifically designed for speed and power? In this episode I get a little fired up!!! Im fired up because I see time and time again, competitive athletes who work their butts off and get no where. Not from being lazy, but from focussing on the wrong things like getting stronger for the sake of getting stronger. Do you want to get stronger or faster? “Look how strong her golf swing is!” or “Look at the incredible speed she creates with that athletic swing!” In this episode I share my secrets to success from Team Canada to the PGATour and everything in between! I am launching my Fall Competitive LoadXplode Training Program Sept 2nd. If you or an athlete you coach wants to get in on this follow along 16 week training program go to I want to give a special thanks to all the sponsors for their continued support of the show. K-Motion @kmotion3d , Perform Better @performbetter use code “GLASS19” at checkout. MyTPI and Travis Mathew Without them I wouldn’t be able to afford the time and produce the podcast to the level we do each and every week.

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