Bitcoin Basics - What Is The Bitcoin Mindset?


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Are you Choosing The Philosophy of Millions Or Misery? Are you Choosing The Philosophy of Millions Or Misery? How You Look At Bitcoin Is How You Look At Yourself!!! (917) 889-3803 is the call in number and the party starts at 8 pm EST. Today, I REALLY realized that HOW YOU LOOK AT BITCOIN IS HOW YOU LOOK AT YOURSELF!!! From Bitcoin Enthusiast to Bitcoin Hater, you can tell a person's ENTIRE mentality by the reactionary comments they make when you bring up Bitcoin. So tonight at 8 pm EST, we're gonna be discussing: What is the typical mindset of people who really love Bitcoin? What is the typical mindset of people who really hate on Bitcoin? Why do people love misery and struggle over ease and abundance? How is the game going to play out when you really, REALLY analyze your life? How to correctly get into a Bitcoing mindset? How Do You Cash In On Your Coins By Catching Up With Your Own Kind? & Much, much more. Tell a friend, invite a stranger and definitely have something to write with cause JEWELS WILL BE DROPPED!!! I believe that this cryptocurrency wave is bringing forth a new transfer of wealth that has not been seen since the discovery of oil in the U.S. I believe that the more informed we are as a community in the Early adapter phase the better chances we have of attaining a larger piece of this wealth for ourselves. If you with me, I'll see you tonight at 8 pm. And yes, if you miss the live, the replay will be up immediately following the show. Thanks a Bitcoin Billion. Now, let's get this proper mindset!!! Coach Khayr

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