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Coach K Radio - Knowledge Of Self, Knowledge of Cells - Symptometry Style. The ancient Egyptians almost had it right. Join us tonight as we finish the lesson. Above every entry way was written, "KNOW THY SELF." Well, to TRULY "Know Thy Self" today, you MUST know YOUR CELLS!!!! At 8p ET/7p CT dial 347-205-9089 to get to the real you, YOUR CELLS!!! Professional astrologist, scholar and your favorite success coach, Coach Khayr Love invites you gain the simple missing pieces that will take your life and health to the next level. Tonight's discussion features therapeutic scientist, author & the founder of Symptometry Dr. Maxwell Nartey along with the American School of Symptometry's Director of Adminsitration Dr. Charlie Abbott. Join us and bring a friend - you'll be glad you did! **SYMPTOMETRY NIGHT ** EVERY 2ND & 4TH TUESDAY** Access previous podcasts & book specials at (brought to you by Coach K Radio & our partners at

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