The Properly F*cked Woman - Trill Alchemy Radio - Episode 5


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The Properly F*cked Woman, Everything is tight when the pipe is laid right!!!! The FIFTH episode of "TRILL ALCHEMY RADIO"! Thursday nights @ 9 pm EST, call in number (917) 889-3803, and we're here to HEAL THE REAL & tonight, we're talkign about Everything is tight when the pipe is laid right, The Properly F*cked Woman!!!!?" Tonight, panel of TRILL ALCHEMIST, Founder Ra Bey, Milayo Negesti and Astro Strategist Extrodanaire, Coach Khayr come together to put you up on some real TRILL ALCHEMY!!! Right, we talking about SEX tonight. (917) 889-3803 is the call in number. Join us tonight and learn the power of the Properly F*cked Woman!!! LIFE CHANGING!!!

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