CTC 15: 4 Questions That Will Improve Your Coaching - Joel Steczynski - Dixie Heights HS


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Nate sits down with Coach Joel Steczynski, Head Girls' Basketball coach at Dixie Heights HS.

They discussed Joel's coaching journey and took some time to talk through the book:

"Inside Out Coaching" by Joe Ehrmann (Amazon Link)

4 Key Questions asked by the author

1. Why do you coach?

2. Why do you coach the way that you coach?

3. How does it feel to be coached by you?

4. How do you define success as a coach?

Other notes:

"You have to care more about the player than you do about the trophy."

"We have become process driven and outcome aware."

"Understanding that I'm not the smartest person in the room allows me to be open to learning."

"Transformational coaching is about doing everything you can to serve the player."


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