425: Change Comes Through Resilience, with Leonardo Baumworcel


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Leonardo Baumworcel: Hospital São Lucas

Leonardo Baumworcel is the director of Hospital São Lucas in Brazil. He oversees a 200-bed hospital and emergency room seeing 10,000 patients a month. He also oversees the work of 2,500 staff. He is a cardiologist by training and a recent alum of the Coaching for Leaders Academy.

Key Points

  • One way to utilize the podcast is to leverage if for staff training to get the entire team on the same page.
  • Resilience is key when working to achieve your vision through change — beware of giving up too quickly.
  • Leaders need to establish the frameworks and limitations for what to do — and then help people to have the freedom to work within it.
  • Peer mentoring allows both leaders to learn from each other, instead of limiting the professional development to one person.

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