406: How to Work With an Executive Recruiter, with Becky deSouza


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Becky deSouza: Conexus Talent Acquisition Solutions Becky is a partner with Conexus Talent Acquisition Solutions and has dedicated her career of 20+ years to developing effective solutions for Talent Development and Recruiting. Becky spent 11 years running DreamWorks Animation’s Corporate Recruiting team. Today she leads the human resources recruiting practice with Conexus. Key Points Recruiting firms can be regional, industry-specific, or functional. Look to your network for leads, but be careful when networking with your colleagues. Work to fully engage with your recruiter. Be honest with your recruiter, even if you aren’t totally ready to commit. Always keep your LinkedIn profile updated since it can serve as a type of resume. Make sure your web and social presence is consistent with the expectations of your desired job. Check your privacy settings on social media. Resources Mentioned Becky deSouza on LinkedIn Related Episodes How to Figure Out Your Career, with Scott Anthony Barlow (episode 259) How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Profile, with Brenda Bernstein (episode 285) How to Get the Ideal Team Player, with Patrick Lencioni (episode 301) How to Find Your Calling, with Ken Coleman (episode 352) Discover More Activate your free membership for full access to the entire library of interviews since 2011, searchable by topic.

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