444: How to Have Learning Meetings, with Lisa Cummings


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Lisa Cummings: Lead Through Strengths

Lisa Cummings is the founder and CEO of Lead Through Strengths, a firm that exists to help people find and use their strengths at work. Lisa and her team serve large teams and organizations to help them leverage the results of the CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) assessment. She is also the host of the popular Lead Through Strengths podcast.

In this conversation, Lisa and I discuss the value of bringing continual learning into existing team meetings. We explore several steps for making this a reality and feature her new Stronger Teams training for individuals and teams who want to do this more intentionally. Use code CFL10 for a 10% tuition discount if you decide the program is right for you.

Key Points

  • Consistency of team learning over time, each if for only a few minutes in each interaction, can make substantial progress.
  • If possible, begin a meeting with a learning component.
  • Help connect the dots for people between their natural talents and the work in front of them in the organization.
  • When you ask people to think of others who they admire, be specific.

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