#1326 - Inside The Golden Tiki


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This week's show is all about themed environments!

We start off with our FIRST DROP... and it's all about two different types of dark rides... interactive and passive. We'll talk about whether it's better (and more profitable for parks) to create rides where guests are shooting targets or ones where they simply get taken in by the story.

During our Quick Hits segment, we discuss staff cuts at Sea World, a classic sign at Disneyland being removed, a Hunger Games attraction in Las Vegas and our recent interview on National Radio!

Then, we take a look at the "Elite 8" coaster names that have made it through Round 3 of our search for the "Best Roller Coaster Name of All-Time!" There are some awesome match-ups!

Finally, Mike gets to interview one of his idols... Branden Powers, Creator and Managing Partner of The Golden Tiki in Las Vegas.

This place is so much more than a tiki bar... it's an themed adventure.

We'll talk with Branden about his inspiration for creating the bar and the secrets inside. We'll also hear all about his new animatronic bird show that is an X-rated version of what you might see in Disney's Tiki Room!

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