#1330 - The Design Team Behind "The Beast"


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"The Beast" at Kings Island is one of the most legendary coasters in the world.

On this week's episode of, we present "The Beast" with a very special honor. We also talk with two of the original designers of this iconic coaster... Jeff Gramke and Al Collins.

We'll hear how they designed this coaster 40 years ago without the aid of computers. We'll also hear fun stories about the construction of the ride and its early years.

Mike and EB will also talk through some of the latest news from around the industry. Hersheypark might have a new name for their 2020 B&M Hypercoaster. There is more speculation on Kings Island's Project X. ICON Park in Orlando has some new rides on tap. Finally, what do the guys think of that fence surrounding the Millennium Falcon at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge?

Also, the guys open the "Mailbag" and we have a second clue in our "Soundwave" contest!

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