Other People's Clutter and Pimm's Cup


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Dealing with other people's clutter can create a lot of stress and tension in relationships...whether it is a spouse, kids, roommate, or some other person you share a space with. But neverfear...there is hope for dealing with OPC. And it all started with a DM from my new friend and this week's podcast guest Natalie Hailey. Natalie is a work from home mom of 2. For the past 2 years their home has been under construction. AND, oh yeah, her mom also moved in with them. Along with a house full of possessions and many of her mother's things. Natalie and I discuss how she can create a plan of action to help her reclaim her space and maintain the relationship with her mom. And we sip a Pimm's Cup in honor of my first UK guest.

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