EP43: Big Brother Final 2 Showmance in the Real World, Jackson Michie and Holly Allen


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Jackson Michie and Holly Allen, final two from Big Brother season 21, are in a real life “Showmance”. Since the BB house days they found out they are pretty much inseparable. They elaborate on their living situation and future plans of living and how they handle the outside stressors from the show. Jackson talks about the hardest part of maintaining a relationship in the eye of 7 million viewers. Holly makes you laugh about how she found her Malibu Safari Guide job several years ago, her pageant days and why she has always been so well-spoken. Jackson mentions how people think they know him because they watched him in a house for 99 days but he was actually in a competition for 99 days, not just living. They are such a great couple and this is a very enjoyable discussion! Laugh with us, enjoy your weekly dose of Coco.

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