EP44: Misty Griffin; A Story of Surviving Master Manipulation


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Today we have Misty Griffin, who at age six her parents started to dress her and her sister in Amish clothing, attempting to fool the public of their abusive, and torturous parenting. Misty shares her long hard journey in a place that barely anyone knew of her existence, where she wasn’t allowed to speak to her sister without permission or allowed to go to school. Her childhood was full of betrayal after betrayal and eventually she joined the Amish community in hopes for a better life, and that was not the case. With all of the hardships and countless disappointments when asking for help, Misty never gave up. She is sharing her story in hopes this doesn’t happen to anyone ever again and to spread knowledge about the characteristics of master manipulators. Join us and the Author of “Tears of the Silenced” in this brutally honest, raw and real episode of Coco Caliente.

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