66: Q&A: Body Image, Diet and Exercise Obsession Part 2


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Today’s episode is Part 2 of episode 64, on how I overcame my body obsession. Chasing goals and having big aspirations is great. It’s important to take control of your life and act deliberately on the things that you want. However, when you begin to become obsessed, it can pull you away from you happiness, family and friends. This is especially relevant in fitness world. If you begin to feel that you’re missing out on your life because you’re worried that participating in your community will distract you from your diet and exercise goals you need to reassess your purpose. In this episode I answer listener questions and address how I overcame my eating and exercising obsession by re-evaluating what was important to me.

Key Takeaway: It’s good to be driven and have serious goals but not at the cost of missing out on your life and not participating with your family and friends.


  • Finding balance between reaching your goals and becoming obsessed
  • Reaching goals but also being pulled apart from family and friends
  • When your goals begin to take away from the quality of your life
  • Saying no to things you really want to say yes to
  • Skinner isn’t necessarily better
  • Finding confidence in who you are as a person, not how you look
  • Under eating and over eating
  • Feeling empowered and loving yourself

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