68: Should You Be Worried About Blue Light?


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Today’s episode is all about Blue Light. Blue light is expelled from electronic devices and long-term exposure has damaging effects on your eyes and can negatively affect your sleep. Our smart phones, computers and TV’s have completely taken over our lives, so it’s impossible to completely avoid blue light exposure. However, there are things you can do to limit to your blue light intake. In this episode I go over what blue light is, how it could be affecting you and your kids and the recent steps I’ve taken to reduce blue light exposure in my life.

Key Takeaway: It’s impossible to completely avoid blue light in today’s society. But by taking action on a few of the tips I talked about, you can vastly reduce your exposure.


  • Age related Macular Degeneration
  • Digital eyestrain – Headaches, tired eyes, neck pain etc…
  • Blue light can alter your natural circadian rhythm
  • Hormones and stress levels affected by Blue light
  • Blue blocker glasses
  • Electronic detox
  • Turning on Night Mode on your smart phone and computer

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