Is Breast Implant Illness Real? with Courtney Bursich


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Many women are experiencing symptoms of depression, hormonal issues, chronic pain, hair loss, unexplained fatigue and other symptoms which they believe to be related to their breast implants. They claim once getting the implants removed, their symptoms disappeared. According to Medical News Today, many doctors are refusing to recognize breast implant illness as a real medical condition and diagnosis.

Breast Implant Illness (BII) has been a hot topic across social media. Countless influencers have opened up about having to get their breast implants removed due to these health issues. This leaves us questioning if Breast Implant Illness is real or not.

In this episode of Coffee & Kettlebells, returning guests, Courtney Bursich, shares her personal experience with Breast Implant Illness, the research she has done on why it’s happening, the effects it is having on women's health and what your doctor isn’t telling you.

Courtney is a brilliant Primal Health Coach who is beyond passionate about educating people on how to live healthier lives. If you haven’t tuned into her other two episodes yet, they are two you won’t want to miss. Check out How to Become Metabolically Fit and The Truth About Dairy.

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