Your Questions Answered on Eating Fruit and Sugar Alcohols, Lowering Body Fat Percentage, Always Feeling Hungry, Taking Rest Days and More


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I love bringing you the information you are looking for to ensure I am helping you reach your goals. That’s why I love asking my listeners and followers on my Instagram what your top questions are when it comes to nutrition and fitness.

Questions I answer in this episode…

  • You talk about the importance of vegetables a lot but what is your view on fruits?
  • How do you stick to healthy eating?
  • What does a regular day of eating look like for you?
  • How can I lower my body fat percentage?
  • What’s the difference between using heavy weights and light weights? I don’t always want to use heavy weights because after five days of Burn, my body is just so tired.
  • Can I use lighter weights and still get toned?
  • What is your opinion of sugar alcohols?
  • Why do I always feel hungry?
  • How many rest days do you take a week?

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