Using The Brain To Reinvent Yourself


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Do you really know your own brain? In this episode of Coffee with a Neuroscientist, host Shonte Jovan Taylor talks with OptiMind Institute graduate, consultant, coach, and successful speaker Alycia Huston about how her time in the OptiMind Institute changed her career, her ability to support her coaching clients, and even her family life.

For Alycia, OptiMind was about taking a step back, and looking at the world at a higher level. During the recession, Alycia was the CEO of a pharmaceutical company that lost 40% of its revenue virtually overnight. In that moment, she was frazzled, panicked, and living in fear. Now, during another recession and the COVID-19 pandemic, Alycia feels hopeful - and she credits that shift in mindset with her NeuroLeadership training from OptiMind.

By discovering what it feels and looks like to live in fear, Alycia can now step back and make proactive moves, not reactive ones. She can look at her clients and say, “Your amygdala is activated and you are scared right now.” Not only that -- she can respond more patiently and empathetically with her kids when they are triggered.

Tune in to this episode to hear Alycia’s inspiring journey from scared to self-confident, her “Get Over Yourself Plan” for stepping into the spotlight, and the incredible career moves she’s made since graduating from OptiMind (can you say NASA?!).


  • “I was starting to see things that I’d been doing in my life, and it was all starting to make sense.” (15:17-15:23)
  • “Everyone deserves to know about how their beautiful brain works.” (20:22-20:27)


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