Your Brain On Purpose: A Conversation w/Marie Forleo


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What if you didn’t have to suppress any part of yourself to succeed? In this episode of Coffee with a Neuroscientist, host Shonte Jovan Taylor talks with her inspiration and mentor Marie Forleo, founder of B-School and New York Times bestselling author, about just that. Marie shares her story of starting her own business as a life coach in the early 2000s, before anyone even knew what a life coach was. She shares her process of learning how to listen to her intuition, leave high-paying jobs on Wall Street and at Conde Nast, and find the path that would allow her to achieve her true purpose.

Almost everyone can relate to the experience of coming to a fork in the road, where you realize that your future hinges on one decision. In B-School, Marie teaches students that those forks in the road are moments when you can embrace your full potential, no matter who you are, or what you came from. In the words of Marie Forleo: “Everything is figure-outable.” All you need are the right tools, and the confidence in yourself and your intuitive power, to follow the road that speaks to you.

From cleaning toilets to becoming a bestselling author, Marie’s inspiring story is proof that we can bring our whole selves to our work every day. We don’t have to settle. Tune in this week to find out what it takes to get there.


  • "When women are financially empowered, everyone wins." (28:01-28:04)
  • "It is my belief that we need the full spectrum of diversity of talents, gifts, and human perspectives coming together to solve the world's challenges." (38:23-38:33)






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