[Ep223] Hot Dog Bait and Switch


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Salutations, Shenanites! This week, we talk about actually fun baseball, the paralysis of choice, and middling feelings. Ultimately, there’s no way to know which things matter and which things don’t. So just do stuff. Make the thing you believe has the ability to be successful, and pull all the levers you can. The second-annual Shenanicon is NEXT WEEK. Come see us in St. Louis on Sept. 28th! Be the first to snag some Levelhead merch, scope out the long lost Scuffle Buddies, and listen to us like you’re doing now but LIVE. There’s a limited number of tickets, so grab yours soon at http://meet.bscotch.net! Questions answered (abbreviated): - Flyhoppie Axerompa: Do any of you ever read/skim through the entire list of podcast questions? - challosis: What do you eat for lunch at the office normally? - Gua: Do you think that there's value in analyzing the successes and failures of other games? To stay up to date with all of our buttery goodness subscribe to the podcast on Apple podcasts (apple.co/1LxNEnk) or wherever you get your audio goodness. If you want to get more involved in the Butterscotch community, hop into our DISCORD server at discord.gg/bscotch and say hello! Submit questions at https://www.bscotch.net/podcast, disclose all of your secrets to podcast@bscotch.net, and send letters, gifts, and tasty treats to http://bit.ly/bscotchmailbox. Finally, if you’d like to support the show and buy some coffee FOR Butterscotch, head over to http://moneygrab.bscotch.net.

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