[Ep222] Chaos Positive Shrubbery


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Greetings, Shenanites! In this episode, we discuss giant piles of yogurt, wiggle room, and the difficulty of fonts. What you think is going to be the problem is never the actual problem. And there’s always more stuff to consider than you initially predicted. It’s all about those pipelines! SHENANICON is only two-ish weeks away! Come see us in real life in St. Louis on September 28th--ask questions at a live podcast, compete in a co-op Levelhead competition, and witness the unveiling of the first ever Levelhead T-shirt! Get tickets at http://meet.bscotch.net. Questions answered (abbreviated): - challosis: What game studios are you fans of? - giantmuskrat: What advice would you give to a new developer who 'makes it big' and has a substantial windfall of money? - Retro Banana Man NL: In Crashlands you added ludicrous mode. Did you even test if it was possible to best it? Or did you add it and hoped it wouldn't be impossible? - ANGRY MUFFIN: How does localization work for a game? To stay up to date with all of our buttery goodness subscribe to the podcast on Apple podcasts (apple.co/1LxNEnk) or wherever you get your audio goodness. If you want to get more involved in the Butterscotch community, hop into our DISCORD server at discord.gg/bscotch and say hello! Submit questions at https://www.bscotch.net/podcast, disclose all of your secrets to podcast@bscotch.net, and send letters, gifts, and tasty treats to http://bit.ly/bscotchmailbox. Finally, if you’d like to support the show and buy some coffee FOR Butterscotch, head over to http://moneygrab.bscotch.net.

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