[Ep226] The Full 1080


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Hi again, Shenanites! This week, we talk about wheat and molasses, shock wires, and wibble wobbling. If a train of thought derails, maybe you just gotta let it simmer for a while. Potential energy will get you every time, but luckily, action is the antidote. Correction: It *was* Majora’s Mask. We know, we know. Questions answered (abbreviated): - Gua: Has a bad game that you've played ever generated a good idea for your games? - Jabveera Sappyflat: How do you guys get over the anxiety of doing things that you have little to no experience with? Or do you not? To stay up to date with all of our buttery goodness subscribe to the podcast on Apple podcasts (apple.co/1LxNEnk) or wherever you get your audio goodness. If you want to get more involved in the Butterscotch community, hop into our DISCORD server at discord.gg/bscotch and say hello! Submit questions at https://www.bscotch.net/podcast, disclose all of your secrets to podcast@bscotch.net, and send letters, gifts, and tasty treats to http://bit.ly/bscotchmailbox. Finally, if you’d like to support the show and buy some coffee FOR Butterscotch, head over to http://moneygrab.bscotch.net.

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