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Cohere will go beyond discussions of online community, social networks and social media and look at the bigger picture - perhaps the biggest picture: the complex, digitally augmented global community we now all belong to, whether we like it or not! The Big Idea: Complex human networks have sprung up globally, driven in large part by exponential technologies such as AI, automation, and space-based internet. Imagine what will happen when three billion more people come online in the next five years! For organizations, a planet-wide network of logged-on human beings brings both limitless opportunities and unprecedented threats. As we increasingly use social technologies to augment human experiences, the Cohere podcast asks, what’s the best path forward? How should we navigate, evaluate, and administrate a complex technological landscape so we can protect, promote, and empower our human networks? How will we ensure that digital communities deliver on the promise of enhancing our lives, both individually and collectively? And what steps must we take to ensure our approach to community development is sustainable, democratic, and morally sound?

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