210 - Coin Concede “Wabbit Hunting”


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On episode 210, The guys start the show by wrapping up their thoughts on the Blitzchung drama before diving into the rest of the news concerning Dual-Class Arena, Masters Tour Bucharest, and Doom in the Tomb Part 2. In the tournament breakdown, Hat gives us the rundown of who the final Blizzcon participants will be this year before giving us the latest data on the most recent Masters Tour Qualifiers (with stats provided by WickedGood from the OffCurve Podcast). To wrap up the show, Appa leads the Decksplanations section on how to effectively combat the Shaman menace on ladder.

News Highlights – 13:03

Tournaments – 31:22

  • Grandmasters
  • Bucharest
  • Tespa
  • Arlington Qualifiers

Decksplanations – 38:31

  • Combating the rabbit menace

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