209 - Coin Concede “The Blitzchung Situation”


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On episode 209, Appa, Botticus, and Hat get together this week to talk about the elephant in the room: The Blitzchung Grandmasters situation. The guys give their thoughts and feelings on the matter before moving into the rest of the news. Hat recaps the Grandmasters matches and breaks down the data from the recent Arlington Qualifiers. In Decksplanations, the guys talk about what they’ve been seeing on ladder, what they’ve been impressed with, and what they think is bad.

News Highlights – 7:06

  • The Blitzchung Situation
  • Doom in the Tomb
  • AzumoQT stepping away for heath reasons
  • Con before the Storm

Tournaments – 46:14

  • Grandmasters
  • Tespa
  • Arlington Qualifiers

Decksplanations – 53:58

  • N’zoth to a good start

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