February 2020 Selection (featuring Forerunners, Chicane, Rick Pier O'Neil, The Digital Blonde, Relaunch, Markus Schulz, Talla 2xlc, Albion, Dylhen, Into The Ether, GRAZZE, Nico Parisi, Eric Lune, Robert Sancho, Fuenka, Chus and Ceballos, Astrid Suryan, Ka


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Coldwired Podcast (facebook.com/ColdwiredMusic). February 2020 Selection. Tracklisting: 01. Into The Ether - Aurora (GRAZZE Remix) 02. Nico Parisi - Mississippi (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix) 03. Eric Lune - Benji (Forerunners Remix) 04. Robert Sancho - Seginthano 05. Fuenka - Bogano (Extended Mix) 06. Chus and Ceballos, Astrid Suryan - All I Want (Oscar L Remix) 07. Kane - Forgive Me Forget You ***Gold Star Track*** 08. Albion - Air (Dylhen Extended Remix) 09. Chicane - Offshore (Paul2Paul and Igor Dorohov Bootleg Remix) 10. Sunlight Project - Arcade 11. Sasha Carassi - Elethnic 12. Michael Grovetsky - Over The Horizon (Extended Mix) 13. Manuel-M - Asteroids 14. Relaunch - Our Territory (Loony Intervention Rethink) 15. The Digital Blonde - Outrun 16. Markus Schulz, Talla 2xlc - Mainhattan (Extended Mix) 17. Paul van Dyk, Jessus, Adham Ashraf, Tricia McTeague - Only In A Dream ***Defrosted from 2015***

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