May 2019 Selection pt II (featuring Paul Sawyer, John 00 Fleming, Blue Amazon, Lostly, Sam Mitcham, Chris Cargo, Daniel Kandi, EDU, Experimental Feelings, Lucas Rossi, PQM, Cica, Corren Cavini, Victoria Webb, KATHERINE AMY, Danny Villagrasa, Cryss, Betoko


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Coldwired Podcast ( May 2019 Selection pt II. Tracklisting: 01. Lucas Rossi - Dynamo 02. Chris Cargo - Shimmer 03. PQM, Cica - The Flying Song (Corren Cavini Mix) 04. Blue Amazon, Victoria Webb - And Then the Rain Falls (Paul Sawyer Remix) 05. KATHERINE AMY, Lostly - Forever (Paul Sawyer Club Mix) 06. Danny Villagrasa - I Got Something! 07. Cryss - Angry Nature 08. Betoko - Nomophobia (Paul Sawyer Textures Remix) 09. Experimental Feelings - In The Same Direction (Kay-D Remix) 10. Revolution 9 - Awakening (Club Mix) 11. Reznor - Let the Past Die ***Gold Star Track*** 12. EDU - Turbulence (Club Mix) 13. John 00 Fleming - Healing ***Defrosted from 2014*** 14. Sam Mitcham - Whopper (Plus8 Mix) 15. Andre Visior, Paul Miller - Sundown (Daniel Kandi Respray) 16. Paul Di White - Autobahn (Extended Mix)

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